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by our New Worker correspondent

BORIS JOHNSON is battling for his political life following the release of images by ITN News showing the Prime Minister at a leaving party in Downing Street for the outgoing director of communications on 13th November 2020 and a BBC Panorama report on the drinking culture at No 10 during the lockdowns. All were in clear breach of the national coronavirus lockdown regulations and calls for his resignation from both sides of the political divide are echoing across the House of Commons.

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Biggest rail strike in UK’s modern history looms

by Daphne Liddle

A MASSIVE strike at Network Rail over the company’s plans to reduce 2,500 engineering jobs may kick off on 7th June. The Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers’ union (RMT) is urging more than 40,000 railway workers to vote in favour of a strike in a ballot that is slated to wrap up on 24th May.

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No way to end the crisis

SOME WESTERN politicians are now talking about a compromise peace with Russia that recognises some of the Kremlin’s just demands including Crimea’s secession to Russia and self-determination for the Donbas. Most of it is behind the closed doors of the corridors of power in Europe and the USA; but others are going public. A New York Times editorial recently argued that Ukraine would have to make “painful territorial decisions” to achieve peace and Henry Kissinger, the US foreign minister during the Nixon era, told a panel at the World Economic Forum at the Swiss spa of Davos this week that Ukraine should cede territory to Russia to help end the invasion.

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Stand by the rail workers

Whatever differences the Tories have over the EU, the one thing that always unites them is anti-union legislation. The proposed new anti-union laws floated in the Tory media last week may, of course, only be designed to wrong-foot workers preparing for a national rail strike over pay, jobs and safety next month. But the proposed new laws to ban “any strikes that did not provide a guaranteed ‘minimum service’ to limit disruption to passengers” reflects the loathing of the labour movement that runs deep within the Conservative & Unionist Party.

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