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by New Worker correspondent

BORIS JOHNSON is desperately clinging on whilst Tory rebels ramp-up the pressure to get rid of him following a vote of no confidence that Johnson only narrowly won by 211 to 148 on Monday. Sir Keir Starmer predictably says Johnson has lost the trust of country and is “utterly unfit” for office. But significantly the Labour leader has now raised the spectre of a return to Europe, saying a new Labour government would negotiate a better deal with the European Union.

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The state of the unions

by New Worker correspondent

THIS WEEK we can modestly claim something of a scoop – if you can call taking notice of an official government publication a scoop. The document in question is the BEIS (Department of Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy) annual Trade Union Membership, UK 1995–2021: Statistical Bulletin (downloadable for free from the Government website).

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Talking about Jerusalem

THE SECTARIAN violence in Jerusalem that has enraged the Arab and Muslim world is a warning to the world about the consequences of allowing Israel to maintain its illegal and brutal occupation of the West Bank.

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Poor old BoJo

It seems that Boris Johnson’s luck has finally run out if this week’s vote of no confidence is anything to go by. Although Johnson won the Tory 1922 Committee ballot, it was by such a narrow margin that it is difficult to see how he can long remain leader of the Conservative Party.

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Pay the Tube workers

The RMT transport union showed it meant business when it shut down London’s underground network on Monday following the breakdown of talks with Management on jobs and pensions last week.

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