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by New Worker correspondent

RAILWAY WORKERS brought the entire national network to a standstill on Tuesday in a strike over pay and jobs; and there’s plenty more to come following the breakdown of talks between the RMT transport union and Management. Some 50,000 RMT members at Network Rail and 13 train operating companies walked out on Tuesday. Another 10,000 on London Underground joined them as part of their own ongoing dispute with Transport for London over jobs and pensions.

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Make the rich pay!

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON comrades joined tens of thousands of front-line workers over the weekend marching through the heart of the capital to a TUC rally demanding social justice and higher wages.

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Support the Rail Workers

TENS OF thousands of rail and tube workers will be striking over pay, jobs and pensions this week. Thousands of jobs are threatened by Management’s proposals. Proposed cuts put passenger safety at risk.

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Hobson’s choice

Covid, golden wall-paper, Partygate – the writing’s certainly on the wall for Boris Johnson. And also, so it seems, for the useless leader of the Labour Party. Whilst Johnson’s rivals plot his downfall in the shadows of the corridors of power, similar scenes are taking place in Labour’s committee rooms amidst talk that Starmer is finally going to throw in the towel – possibly even before Labour’s annual conference in September.

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