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National News

Doctors demand ‘just and moral’ pay raise

by Svetlana Ekimenko

AMIDST the cost-of-living squeeze, doctors are demanding a pay raise of up to 30 per cent over the next five years, threatening to go on strike if their demands are not met, reported the Telegraph.

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The Great and the Good as class warriors??

by New Worker correspondent

NEXT WEEK’S AGM of supermarket giant Sainsbury’s is lining up to be the unlikely battleground in the struggle for decent pay.

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Great Business Opportunities

by New Worker correspondent

THE TRADES Union Congress takes place this year over four days at Brighton, on the sunny south coast of England.

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Kettle calls pot black

by New Worker correspondent

ON THURSDAY 23 June the Daily Mirror made on its front page the perfectly correct statement that “Fatcat bosses at firms facing strikes over pay are raking in up to 85 times the average wages of their workers”. It named the bosses of British Airways, British Telecommunications, FirstBus, Network Rail and Royal Mail for their huge earnings. It also condemned Prime Minister for calling for pay restraint for workers.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

TUESDAY was the day when First Minister both announced the date of another independence referendum (Thursday 18 October 2023) whilst at the same time giving herself plenty of wriggle room so that she cannot be blamed if it does not actually happen

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No to NATO

by Theo Russell

AS THE warmongers gathered in Madrid for the NATO summit this week, anti-war activists took to the streets in towns and cities across Britain for the International Day of Action For Peace In Ukraine last Saturday, with over 30 local groups participating across the country.

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International News

A wrecking ball against the Good Friday Agreement

by Declan Kearney

THE POLITICAL landscape has changed irreversibly. The momentum for positive, progressive change is unstoppable. We have arrived at a new historic moment. It is time to begin planning for the next phase of the peace process, and preparing for a new, agreed Ireland.

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Steady advance on eastern front

by our European Affairs correspondent

FIERCE fighting continues as Ukrainian forces struggle to hold the line against Russian and Donbas forces on the eastern front. Last week Russian-led troops silenced the last remaining fascist strongholds in the city of Severodonetsk and now the fight is on to free the twin city of Lisichansk from the hands of the Kiev regime. Russian and Donbas militia forces have already moved into the outskirts of town amidst reports of partisan attacks on the Ukrainian garrison in the heart of city.

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A deadly frontier

by Guillermo Alvarado

AT LEAST 37 people were killed during a massive attempt to jump the fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Melilla, located in North Africa bordering Morocco, in one of the most ruthless acts perpetrated this year against migrants there.

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No to NATO in Madrid

from IDoC

“NO TO NATO! No to the imperialist war” was the major slogan of the large anti-NATO rally held on Sunday 26th June in Madrid, a few days before the NATO Summit that will take place in the Spanish capital on 29–30 June.

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Eyewitness Vietnam

by Valentin Cartillier

DRIVING into Ho Chi Minh City one is immediately drawn into the vast complexities of Vietnam, the sheer eclecticism of its architecture. It changes so rapidly that mere moments after processing a thin 1970s style Vietnamese five-storey apartment block that towers over the neighbouring houses, you’re confronted by an enormous modern glass shopping complex situated next to some colonial-era French houses.

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“Dispatch Hitler to Hell” The Nazi invasion of the USSR

by Betty Smith

ON 22nd June 1941 the Nazi juggernaut, having already waged a blitzkrieg across Europe and occupied 10 countries, smashed into the Soviet Union with what Hitler considered overwhelming forces. Hitler announced that Moscow would fall in four or six weeks. By autumn, he boasted, the Nazi war machine would be on its way to India, there to link up with Japan

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