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The Fighting Fund

The summer shut-down and the heat-wave has disrupted our fund raising operation. But we have made one trip to the post office and that included a very generous £3,000 from our Richmond & Kingston comrades in memory of Harry Danvers, one of the founders of the NCP in 1977. That means we not only more than hit our June target with £4,993 in the bag for the month but with a good bit over to give us a head start for July. While we were away Boris Johnson finally made his long overdue departure. None of us will miss him. Nor can there be any enthusiasm for any of the Tories who want to take his place. Our struggle is on the street campaigning for peace and socialism.

We want an end to the austerity regime. We want a Labour government that doesn’t crawl to the bourgeoisie – one that will genuinely enact the demands of the union movement.

We want a just and lasting peace in Ukraine that recognises the independent Donbas republics and the legitimate rights of the Russian speakers in Ukraine. We stand side by side with the Palestinians struggling against Zionist oppression. We stand by the Cypriot, Irish, Kashmiri and Korean people campaiging to end the partition of their countries and we stand alongside everyone fighting for freedom and independence all over the world.

Help us get the word across. Please send your donations, big or small, they all count, to: