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by New Worker correspondent

RUSSIAN and Donbas forces are continuing to advance along the entire eastern front as Russian rockets pound strategic targets throughout Ukraine. But while NATO pours even more weapons into Ukraine and openly spurns any talk of compromise, Putin says Russia and Ukraine were close to reaching a peace deal but that this was sabotaged by Anglo-American imperialism.

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Tolpuddle returns!

by New Worker correspondent

THOUSANDS of people braved the soaring temperatures to take part in the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival after a two-year COVID19 break and remember the pioneers of the labour movement unjustly transported to Australia in 1834 for setting up a union.

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Bye Bye Boris

BORIS JOHNSON thought the world was his oyster back in 2019 when he first set foot in Downing Street as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party. He said he was going to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn – but although he did beat Labour and carry out the wish of the people to leave the European Union, he never united his own party let alone the country he led for the last three years.

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