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by New Worker correspondent

RUSSIAN Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is touring Africa to build support for the Kremlin’s defence of the people of the Donbas whilst People’s China repeats its call for an immediate cease-fire to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine. But Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism seem determined to prolong the conflict by imposing more sanctions on Russia and stepping up their supply of advanced weapons to prop up the Zelensky regime in Kiev.

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Four airport battles

by New Worker correspondent

Delays at Britain’s airports have recently been making headlines, so this week it is appropriate to focus on the struggles of workers at the airports and in other transport sectors.

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Workers fight while Starmer does nothing

TENS OF THOUSANDS of railway workers walked out in another 24-hour strike over pay, jobs, pensions and working conditions, bringing most of the national rail network to a halt this week. The employers are planning the biggest attack on railway workers’ pay and working conditions for 20 years, in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. The Tories threaten to bring in new laws to outlaw strikes that do not provide a guaranteed ‘minimum service’ to limit disruption to passengers, and a new hate campaign has begun in the bourgeois media to vilify the leaders of the railway unions. But what is Sir Keir Starmer doing?

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