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China warns: Don’t play with fire!

by New Worker correspondent

CHINA SAYS there is only “one China” and any attempt to establish a breakaway state in Taiwan following Nancy Pelosi’s visit will inevitably lead to confrontation with the people’s republic. The Kremlin says the visit of the US House Speaker was a “clear provocation” that has nothing to do with supporting democracy but despite the spike in US-China tensions that it triggered, the American stunt is unlikely to lead to major hostilities.

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One in the eye for Starmer

by New Worker correspondent

FIRSTLY, in Lady Godiva’s home city of Coventry, 73 dustcart drivers have secured a pay rise of up to 12.9 per cent (or about £3,600 annually) and a Christmas bonus of £4,000 after a long battle with the Labour council which began at the end of January. New starters will get an increase of 8 per cent, £1850 annually. An equally important non-monetary aspect of the deal was that a shop steward, suspended on trumped up charges, will be reinstated and no longer face charges.

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Stand by China!

NANCY PELOSI’S controversial trip to Taiwan may have helped divert attention away from the claims coming from the Republican camp that much of her immense wealth comes from insider trading. But she was clearly speaking for the most reactionary elements of the American ruling class on both sides of the House when she embraced the puppet leaders of Taiwan to tell them that the United States will not “abandon our commitment” to the island that began following the defeat of Chiang Kai-Shek’s reactionary forces in the Chinese civil war and the establishment of the people’s government in 1949.

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