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The Fighting Fund

The August fighting fund kicked off with £610 in the post thanks to an Essex supporter who gave us £60 and a Carlisle reader who donated £25. A Southall comrade donated £150 and a Deal supporter sent in a score. We now need £2,890 to hit our £3,500 target for the month.

The more we get the more we spend on the New Worker, bulletins, pamphlets and leaflets in the struggle to get the com­munist answer to the crisis across to the millions of working people sick of reading the usual lies in the mainstream papers.

The New Worker is part of the battle of ideas. From the Palestinian camps and the trenches in the Donbas to the picket lines and protests in the imperialist heartlands it’s one struggle, one fight!

The fund keeps our presses going so please send your donations, big or small.