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by our Arab Affairs correspondent

PALESTINIANS are clearing away the rubble following a weekend of violence unleashed by the Israeli air-force over the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Palestinians were killed or wounded in the Israeli attacks and 70 Israelis were injured when the resistance fired hundreds of make-shift missiles into southern Israel.

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Leicester’s Rag Trade

by New Worker correspondent

THE LOW PAY Commission last month produced a 40-page report with the self-explanatory title of Compliance and enforcement of the National Minimum Wage: the case of the Leicester textiles sector (hereafter Compliance). This was published following media allegations that the city’s textile industry was ignoring the National Minimum Wage (NMW)

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No to Zionist terror!

PEOPLE are demonstrating on the Arab street and across the rest of the world this week in solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who were again battered by the Israeli air force last weekend. Over three days Israel’s renewed bombing killed 46 Palestinians. Over 360 others, including 151 children were injured in the terror bombings which the Zionists claimed was a pre-emptive strike against the Islamic Jihad resistance movement.

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