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The Fighting Fund

The second week of our August appeal brought a further £705 to the fighting fund thanks to donations from a Brighton friend of the Korean revolution who gave us £20, a Dagenham supporter who donated £13 and a number of bankers’ orders from New Worker readers’ that are the foundations of our fund-raising efforts. The August fund now stands at £1,315 and our target is £3,500.

War in Ukraine, tension in the Taiwan Straits, soaring energy prices and a climate-change drought that is sweeping across Europe with a vengeance. This is the nightmare of capitalism today. Help us end it by keeping our communist press rolling.

The more we get the more we spend on the New Worker, bulletins, pamphlets and leaflets in the struggle to get the communist answer to the crisis across to the millions of working people sick of reading the usual lies in the mainstream papers.

All donations, big or small, count.