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The Fighting Fund

Another £700 came in this week giving us a running total of £2,752. We now need £748 to hit our target for September and we’ve got one more campaigning week to do it!

Striking posties delayed the despatch of the New Worker last week and more strikes are on their way. That’s a welcome sign of the times. The fight-back against austerity really has begun and communists need to be there on the street to raise the communist alternative to the capitalist crisis at every opportunity.

Sick at their daily dose of lies more and more people are spurning the mainstream media. We need to ensure that our communist voice is on the table for those looking for a genuine left alternative to the capitalist merry-go-round in parliament and the elections that only the ruling class can ever win.

The fund keeps our presses going and the price of our paper down.

All donations, big or small, count.