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The Fighting Fund

Over £800 came in a last ditch effort to hit our monthly target which we did by the skin of our teeth! The grand total for August came to £3,552 thanks to supporters up and down the country. The fighting fund for September kicks off with the usual objective of raising £3,500 to keep our presses rolling and get the communist word out on the street.

The mainstream media call it the “cost of living crisis” to mask the fact that it’s simply just another round of capitalist decline into endless slumps. While workers face the prospect of real poverty this winter the bourgeoisie are determined not to suffer. They expect their Government to cocoon them from the inevitable results of their own policies. They think Liz Truss can get away with it. We must prove them wrong.

The fund keeps our presses going and the price of our paper down.

All donations, big or small, count.