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National News

Union fury at plan to scrap bankers’ bonus cap

by Svetlana Ekimenko

UNIONS ARE FURiOUS at the Government plans to scrap a cap on bankers’ bonuses amidst the raging cost of living crisis

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Food and drink

by New Worker correspondent

A NUMBER of industrial disputes involving food production and distribution are brewing away.

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Off the rails

by New Worker correspondent

THE LONG running industrial action over job security, pay and working conditions on the railways resumes after a respectful interval to mark the death of the Queen.

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At the chalk face

by New Worker correspondent

SCOTLAND’S main teaching union, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) which represents 80 per cent of teachers, has voted to reject a five per cent pay offer by a massive 94 per cent with only slightly less, 91 per cent, voting in favour of strike action. The turnout was 78 per cent.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE SCOTTISH health service is about to be transformed through digital technologies and patient pathways thanks to the launch of a collaboration between NHS Scotland and university and industry partners. Whether this will actually improve the situation for patients is another matter.

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Fashion Council pushes for more diversity

by Zhong Wenxing & Liang Jun

THE British Fash­ion Council (BFC) is striving for ethnic diversity and more representation of designers and models from China to change the industry for good.

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International News

Why ‘learn to live’ with COVID deaths?

Workers World (US)

IF YOU WRITE for the New York Times (NYT), expect to be assigned articles condemning China for causing its people enormous inconvenience and discomfort to avoid massive deaths from the coronavirus. The NewYork Times clearly shares the capitalist-class viewpoint that the world’s priority should be to get back to business as usual, to keep making profits regardless of the virus’s toll on the global working class.

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The planet can’t sustain capitalism

People’s Voice (Canada)

“MORE AND MORE frequent extreme weather events …” “Melting polar ice caps a tipping point with global consequences …” “Rising temperatures are creating conditions in which human labour will be impossible without technical assistance …” “Climate impacts heading into uncharted territory of destruction …” “The most vulnerable populations will suffer most …”.

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End the blockade! diplo­

by María Josefina Arce

CUBA’S VOICE was raised once again at the UN Human Rights Council to denounce unilateral coercive measures, which are in fact criminal acts and indiscriminate economic wars.

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Enjoying capitalism? Not in New York


NEW YORK CITY, the metropolis of US capitalism, hasn’t been unaffected by the crisis of the capitalist system. The homeless population in the most populous city in the United States, has surged in recent years to 80,000 people, according to The Bowery Mission, a 150-year-old agency serving the hungry and homeless, citing federal data.

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Kenyans slams UK over colonial crimes

by Ed Newman

FORMER Chief Justice of Kenya, Willy Mutunga, has attacked the British government over “act of gross inhumanity and injustice” one month after two Kenyan tribes filed a case against the British government at the European Court of Human Rights over alleged colonial abuses.

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More Israeli war-crimes

Radio Havana Cuba

THE United Nations has said that Israel destroyed 44 Palestinian buildings in the West Bank as the usurping regime presses ahead with its illegal land grab policies across the Palestinian territories.

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Stand by Ukraine’s anti-fascist resistance!

Chaired by Theo Russell, the key speakers were: Chris Williamson, former Labour MP; Alexey Albu from Borotba (Struggle), a survivor of the 2014 Odessa Trade Union House Fire massacre; Steve Sweeney, Moscow-based investigative journalist and former Morning Star international editor; John Parker from Solidarity with Donbas and Anti-fascists in Ukraine (joining from Los Angeles); Phil Wilayto, Odessa Solidarity Campaign (Virginia USA); and members of the Young Communist League (YCL) of the Russian Federation and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF).

A VERY successful online meeting to mobilise international support for the Free the Kononovich Brothers campaign took place on Thursday 25th August, with 50 participants from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the USA, England and Scotland. Organised by the London-based International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity campaign (IUAFS), the seminar called for the release of the Kononovich brothers and all Ukrainian political prisoners, and for the restoration of all political and media freedoms.

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King Charles’ net worth: How rich is he?

by Mary Manley

FOLLOWING the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III inherited £441 million from his mum, as well as large amounts of land, castles and other regal estates, rare (stolen) jewels, a paddock and other personal property such as fine art. Luckily for the King, he inherited this wealth tax-free.

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