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by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

FIERCE FIGHTING continues on all fronts as the Russians rally to halt the Ukrainian advance on the Kharkov front. The Kremlin orders a partial mobilisation as the Donbas republics and the liberated areas of southern Ukraine prepare to vote on whether to join the Russian Federation.

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Royal notes

by New Worker correspondent

SEVERAL UNIONS cancelled ongoing industrial action during the period of official mourning following the death of the Queen and the TUC’s annual conference was postponed for a month. There were mixed views on the left about this. But now, after being rudely interrupted, the class struggle is well and truly resumed.

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As dead as the dodo

THE PRIME MINISTER didn’t need to meet Joe Biden in New York to be told that the Tory dream of an Anglo-American free trade agreement was dead as the dodo. Truss didn’t need to be reminded that the Biden administration is determined to uphold the Northern Ireland protocol and support the Irish position and that of the rest of the European Union. Nor would she be too happy to see Biden dismiss Tory economic dogma to tell the world that he was ‘sick and tired of trickle-down economics’ which never work.

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