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by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIAN and Donbas troops are fighting to hold the line along the thousand kilometre front with the Ukrainian fascists as the people of the Donbas and the Ukrainians in the liberated south of Ukraine vote on whether to join the Russian Federation. The American puppet regime in Kiev says the vote’s illegal and the imperialists say they will never recognise the result. But Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, is expected to announce the accession of the Donbas people’s republics along with the provinces of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson into the Russian Federation within days.

Voting on whether to join the Russian Federation has now ended in the polls in the Donbas and southern Ukraine. Despite the best efforts of the Zelensky regime to disrupt the poll with indiscriminate artillery fire and missile attacks on civilian areas, the turn-out was significantly higher than the minimum threshold of 50 per cent required to accept the results.

The puppet regime banned its supporters from voting, threatening them with long prison terms and confiscation of property, so it is expected that the results of the votes will be unequivocally in favour of joining the Russian Federation.

Hundreds of observers from various countries, including Italy, France, Egypt, Syria and Belarus, were present at the polling stations. They confirm that the referenda were held peacefully, without any violations. Western media claims of people being forced to vote by Russian soldiers have been shown to be lies. There is a free expression of will, and troops were on duty only to protect the polling stations from sabotage or attack by Ukrainian forces.


The international observers confirm that Ukraine and various Western countries are putting pressure on them “according to the best democratic traditions”. Many of them have been blacklisted by the EU and cannot return home.

In their home countries, they risk being fired from their jobs and disgruntled Ukrainians threaten them with violence on a daily basis.

Russian communist leader Gennady Zyuganov took part in a national concert and rally in Manege Square in the heart of Moscow. Zyuganov, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), told the crowd that the people of Novorossiya had heroically protected Russia from the spread of Nazism and Banderaism.

“The Soviet government gave Ukraine a full-fledged statehood! Within the framework of the USSR, it was a prosperous republic, one of the five most developed countries in Europe. The victorious Red Army liberated Ukraine from the fascists and Banderaites.

“But today, power in Kiev has again been seized by the Nazis, who aimed at destroying the Russian world and breaking centuries-old ties.

“The moment of truth has arrived. Today in Ukraine we are solving three main tasks: we protect and revive the Russian world; we liberate the fraternal country from the ‘brown’ [Nazi] plague and we oppose the aggression of the Anglo-Saxons, who are trying by any means to maintain their crumbling dominance.

“I thank Donbas, which rebelled against Nazism and covered us all with its breasts. I believe that the people of Novorossiya will express their will in the referendums that began today, and they will return to the family of fraternal peoples of our Great Power!

“Long live freedom, long live Donbas, long live our victory, long live the unity of the great Russian people!”