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National News

Pound sinks after ‘mini-budget’

by Oleg Burunov

THE POUND has plunged to its lowest level against the US dollar since the British currency went decimal in 1971.

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Pay victories

by New Worker correspondent

THIS WEEK we have some welcome and much needed news of victories on the pay front. First, we start with the fact that Unite claim a hat trick of three wins in the bus industry.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

AT THE Labour Party conference in Liverpool both Sir Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar were united in sternly ruling out any future pacts with the SNP.

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International News

America: not safe to walk the streets

Global Times

ELIZA FLETCHER, a mother of two, went for her regular early jog but never made it back to her kids. She was abducted and murdered. The tragedy in Memphis, Tennessee, triggered a public opinion storm in the USA.

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Cubans vote on new Family Code

by Bill Sacks

THE CUBAN people voted in a 25th September referendum on a new Family Code that, if approved, would expand women’s and LGBT rights as well as the concept of the nuclear family. Cubans living outside the country voted on 18th September.

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Morality, Iran and America

Workers World (USA)

MAYBE people talked to you with excitement this week – seeing everywhere those photos of women in the streets of Iran, standing on top of cars, burning cars, protesting about the death of a woman in custody after her arrest by the “morality police”.

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A watershed moment for the United Nations


THIS YEAR’S general debate of the UN General Assembly concluded on Monday, after representatives of 190 member states spoke around the theme of “A watershed moment: transformative solutions to interlocking challenges”.

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Russia grants citizenship to Snowden

by Ed Newman

RUSSIA has granted citizenship to former US security contractor Edward Snowden. The move comes at a time when relations between Washington and Moscow are at historic lows over the conflict in Ukraine.

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The Ukraine war - end the silence on the left

A very successful International Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity campaign (IUAFS) online meeting was held on Thursday 25 August, with speakers from Ukraine, the USA and Russia, at which one of the key speakers was former Labour Party MP Chris Williamson. We are very pleased to publish his superb contribution here.

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Remember the past, plan for the future

by Kerry Brown

IN 1816, Lord Amherst led the second significant embassy to the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911). One of its best accounts came from George Staunton, who had, as a young boy, taken part in the first, and better known, visit to China by George Macartney in 1793–94.

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Ukraine: The Myrotvorets kill list

by Ekaterina Blinova

OVER A MONTH has passed since the hideous murder of Russian journalist Darya Dugina, who was immediately marked as “liquidated” on Ukraine’s Myrotvorets hit list. The western press remains numb about the crime, however, thus opening the door to new assaults, says Sonja van den Ende, a Dutch independent journalist also targeted by Myrotvorets.

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