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The Fighting Fund

The October fighting fund has started with £570 in the post boosted by a generous £120 donation from a regular reader in Chigwell. We now have just under £3,000 to raise and we’ve got till the end of the month to do it.

It’s not easy getting heard on the street these days. Paper pitches are few and far between and only two outlets, in London and Liverpool, stock our communist paper. So sales and fund raising relies largely on our supporters keeping us going.

Across the country resistance is growing. People are sick of the austerity regime. They want change. But will Starmer bring it?

You know the answer as well as us. So now, more than ever, we’ve got to get the communist answer to crisis back on the workers’ agenda. Build the paper, get it read and keep our presses rolling.

All donations, big or small, count.