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National News

Time up for Truss?

by Svetlana Ekimenko

LIZ TRUSS’S premiership is looking increasingly in peril after five weeks of navigating the country through an economic storm.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE KNIVES are out in Westminster as the Truss government totters on the brink of collapse. Dissent spreads through their ranks in Scotland. In London the grandees scrabble around to replace their useless leader with someone who might stave off an apocalyptic Labour landslide at the next general election.And in Edinburgh the Scottish nationalists look to see how this can be turned to their advantage.

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XR returns to London!

by New Worker correspondent

ECOLOGY campaigners were on the streets of London again for a “Weekend of Resistance” led by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) campaign as part of a month of protests called by a number of movements to draw attention to the environmental crisis that they say could trigger mass extinction across the planet.

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International News

China: connecting Ugandan villages to the outside world


ACCESS TO information in remote villages in Uganda is a daunting task as one has to walk for miles and miles to a neighbouring trading centre to find out what is happening in the rest of the country or the world.

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The Days we Lived

by Amal Farhat

A NEW BOOK by Dr Najah Al-Attar, the Vice-President of the Syrian Arab Republic, has just been published in Damascus. Combining personal and collective memories, Personal Papers in Britain and the Homeland summarises some of her long experience and accumulated expertise over many decades in the cultural, political and educational spheres.

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Russian rockets hammer Ukraine

by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIAN missiles continue to hammer Ukraine with waves of drone and cruise missile attacks on military and economic targets through the country whilst their troops continue to hold the line across the 1,000 km front.

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Gun law – US style

by María Josefina Arce

IN THE USA gun violence has become a daily tragedy. Mass shootings in schools and public places have taken place throughout the USA and 2022 is shaping up to be another lethal year.

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French workers launch nationwide strikes

by Ed Newman

FRENCH trade unions have launched a wave of strikes across the country to demand higher pay amidst the highest inflation in decades, one of the biggest challenges to President Emmanuel Macron since his re-election in May.

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Sailors take warning… of disaster capitalism

by Len Yannielli

ON 29th September 2015 the container ship El Faro, which means lighthouse, left port in Jacksonville, Florida. It was carrying 25 million pounds of cargo, including such diverse commodities as 149 cars and fructose syrup. Its destination was San Juan, Puerto Rico, but it never got there.

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Che’s last stand

by Pedro Ríoseco

IN THE narrow Quebrada del Yuro the smell of gunpowder can still be felt. There, behind a rock scarred by the marks of many gunshots, Commander Ernesto Che Guevara fought his last battle in Bolivia.

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China: a new journey for a new era

by Yang Sheng & Zhang Changyue

THE Communist Party of China (CPC) unveiled its blueprint for building a modern socialist China over the next five years and beyond as the 20th CPC National Congress opened on Sunday in Beijing.

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