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by New Worker correspondent

THE PRIME Minister is battling for her political life following a week of U-Turns and economic turmoil that forced her to sack the Chancellor and replace him with a bitter rival who many now see as the real power behind the throne in Downing Street. But whilst the new Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, does his best to calm a jittery market by reversing virtual all of Truss’s tax cuts the general view in Westminster, on all sides of the House, is that Liz Truss will be gone before Christmas.

Some Tories believe that appointing a caretaker premier will stave off demands for an immediate election that could see the complete collapse of the Conservative & Unionist Party.

With a colossal 33-point lead in the polls Labour is heading for an astronomical landslide at the expense of the Tories, who could, the way things are going, easily be eclipsed by the Scottish nationalists and the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives need time to restore their fortunes in the Tory heartlands in the South and to restore the trust between their traditional constituency and the Tory activists who committed political suicide when they voted for Liz Truss to keep Rishi Sunak out of Downing Street. But time is a luxury they can no longer afford. Labour and the other opposition parties are baying for a snap general election, and they won’t accept a prolonged ‘caretaker’ government. There’s nothing in it for them nor indeed for the ruling class as a whole.

The Establishment has clearly been embarrassed by the antics of the party that traditionally represents the consensus of bourgeois opinion. It was bad enough under Johnson. Now it’s intolerable under Truss.

done nothing

She’s done nothing to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol issue and restore confidence in Brussels or Washington, and no-one will listen to her now as who can say how long any of her pledges will last these days. Her standing with Joe Biden is rock bottom and if one investigative journalist is to be believed, she is held in contempt by her master in the White House.

Andrew Cockburn’s Spoils of War online newsletter says Biden was less than impressed with Liz Truss when he met her on the fringe of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York last month. She stupidly asked Biden to bring down global energy prices and at the same time enforce a total cut-off of all Russian oil exports – seemingly unaware of the fact that you can’t do both at the same time.

Russia’s soaring oil exports have kept the lid on the price of crude oil and if that was curtailed the price of oil on the spot market would soar to astronomical levels. According to Cockburn’s source “following the meeting Biden told his aides that the new British leader was ‘really dumb’ and “not to be treated seriously”.

Although the ruling class remains divided over the European Union, they are concerned at the fact that Britain no longer has any real allies in the world. They need a stable government that can restore British imperialism’s ties with Franco-German and above all American imperialism, and at the moment only Starmer fits the bill.