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A pivot for peace and A focus for war

THE 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is over. A new leadership with Xi Jiping at the helm will lead the 96-million-strong Party as China continues down the road of modernisation and Chinese-style socialism.

Under Xi’s leadership, People’s China has made remarkable achievements in areas including poverty eradication, scientific and technological innovation, and the fight against the Covid pandemic, which has greatly improved the living standards of the Chinese people. Communists all over the world are now looking to see how the Chinese communists and the people’s government that they lead will face the challenges of the next five years.

China has become a beacon of hope for all the peoples of the world struggling to build their own independent economies without imperialist interference. Whilst Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism use their military and economic might to impose their neo-colonial rule throughout the Third World, the Chinese people can, and do, provide the Third World with an alternative source of high technology and economic assistance without the odious strings attached that always go with deals with the West.

China, whose economy is now second only to the USA, has become a pivot for peace in a world torn apart by imperialist greed and aggression. China is strong but it threatens no one. China respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. It stays true to the principle of equality of all countries big or small, strong or weak, and rich or poor, and it respects the development paths and social systems in­dependently chosen by all the world’s peoples. The people’s government is dedicated to promoting a human community with a shared future.

This was a congress of victors, and we are certain that there’ll be plenty more victories to come as the Chinese people march forward to build a modern, socialist China.

A focus for war

THE greedy eye of US imperialism has long focused on Ukraine. In 2014 the Americans used the craven Ukrainian oligarchs and the fascist gangs that they finance to overthrow the elected government in Kiev.

Determined to join NATO and tear up all the social gains made by the Ukrainian workers in Soviet days, the American pawns could only rely on the rabidly anti-communist neo-Nazi gangs for support whose pogroms against the Russian-speaking community led to the anti-fascist uprisings in Crimea and the Donbas.

Eight years later the Russians were forced to intervene after repeated Kremlin efforts to end the fighting in the Donbas were spurned by the puppets in Kiev and their masters in Washington.

The Americans armed Ukraine to the teeth. They sent in mercenaries and imposed punitive sanctions on the Russian Federation. They expected Russia to come crawling on its knees begging for mercy – but Putin is still there. The Russians are stepping up their war effort in the conflict that has brought devastation to Ukraine in its wake.

Now under a hail of Russian missile and drone attacks the Ukrainians, and their shadowy US intelligence controllers, are believed to be planning a false flag ‘dirty bomb’ provocation to justify direct imperialist intervention. They tried and failed in Syria. They must not be allowed to get away with it in Ukraine.

Communists must lead the call for an end to the fighting and a just and lasting peace in eastern Europe. This can only come with a neutral and de-Nazified Ukraine that recognises the right of Crimea and the Donbas republics to join the Russian Federation and equal rights for all the people of the regions of the Ukraine.