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National News

Political chaos in the post-Brexit era

by an Observer

FREQUENT CHANGES of governments or prime ministers are futile in addressing Britain’s problems. And such practice will simply trigger even more problems.

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No strike, just yet

by New Worker correspondent

THERE IS no shortage of industrial action underway at present, but one which will not be taking place is at Amazon.

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Food supplies in danger

by New Worker correspondent

UNITE THE UNION has issued a warning that product supplies could be at risk as the result of industrial action at a Yorkshire factory. Thirty-six engineers at Fox’s Biscuits in Batley are taking strike action from Sunday 6 November

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

SCOTTISH local government is a fascinating topic. Parish pump politics often make the battles amongst the Borgias and the Medici in the Renaissance look like teddy-bear picnics.

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Book Review:The ones that got away

by Ben Soton

Act of Oblivion by Robert Harris. Hardback: Penguin, London, 2022; 480pp; rrp £22. Also available as an audiobook. AS WE ENTER the reign of Charles III it might be worth taking a brief look at his two previous namesakes.

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International News

Building links with German friends

by New Worker correspondent

DERMOT Hudson, the Chair of the Korean Friendship Association in Britain (KFA UK), visited Germany from the 14–18 October at the invitation of KFA Germany. There he met members of the KFA of Germany, the Communist Party of Germany (known as the KPD-Ost) and its youth wing, the KJVD.

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Kremlin fears Ukraine false flag dirty bomb explosion

by Ilya Tsukanov

ON SUNDAY Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu informed his NATO counterparts that Kiev may be preparing a false-flag dirty bomb attack on its own territory to accuse Moscow of nuclear terror. If such a provocation takes place, it could irradiate wide swathes of land, endanger thousands of lives, and dramatically escalate the crisis.

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Australia heeds Palestinian opinion

by Roberto Morejón

BY REVERSING the decision taken by the previous administration to recognise Arab East Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the new Australian government has stirred the agitated and thorny political scenario towards peace in the Middle East.

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Cuba still under US blockade

by Yosley Carrero

SIXTY YEARS on and the Cubans are still undergoing ruthless American sanctions.

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October 1973 – an Arab victory

by Reem Haddad

The October War Of Liberation is said to have been one of the hardest wars ever fought between the Arabs and Israel. Although this war was legendary in so many ways, only Egypt and Syria commemorate it today.

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Ukraine: Wage a class war against imperialist war

by John Catalinotto

THE LATEST US-NATO-Kiev aggressions in the Ukraine war theatre – bombing the bridge to Crimea and the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines – have escalated the fighting, threatening a continental or even a worldwide conflagration.

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My father’s faith

by Lin Xiaoyi & Zou Zhidong

Chinese people believe that letters are as valuable as gold. For thousands of years, letters, across mountains and oceans, have been delivering the writers’ sentiments, friendship and expectations. During the last decade, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Chinese president, has managed to find time to reply to some letters from ordinary people despite his busy work schedule. This is about one of them.

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Red Theory: The historic emergence of capitalism

by J Sykes

DESPITE what bourgeois economists, the priests of property and profit, would have us believe, capitalism isn’t the eternal way of things. It had a beginning, and it will have an end. As we begin our discussion of political economy, let’s draw upon historical materialism to examine how capitalism arose.

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