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by our Arab Affairs correspondent

PRESIDENT Abdel Fattah el Sisi welcomed world leaders taking part in the UN’s COP27 climate change conference at the seaside resort of Sharm el Sheikh on Sunday. As many as 120 leaders are attending the two-week summit, together with nearly 27,000 government representatives, about 14,000 observers and more than 3,000 media representatives. And along the Red Sea coast the voice of the leaders of the nations of the South is being heard loudly calling on the imperialists to honour their past promises, reduce polluting gases and supply the funds promised to the less developed countries to face this problem.

At the opening ceremony, the Egyptian leader said:”We trust the world will come together, yet again, to reaffirm its commitment to the global climate agenda despite the difficulties and uncertainties of our time. I am positive that all parties and stakeholders will be coming to Sharm El-Sheikh with a stronger will and a higher ambition on mitigation, adaptation and climate finance, demonstrating actual success stories on implementing commitments and fulfilling pledges.

“I deeply believe that COP27 is an opportunity to showcase unity against an existential threat that we can only overcome through concerted action and effective implementation. As incoming Presidency Egypt will spare no effort to ensure that COP27 becomes the moment when the world moved from negotiation to implementation and where words were translated to actions, and where we collectively embarked on a path towards sustainability, a just transition and eventually a greener future for coming generations.”


Joe Biden is there along with the NATO leaders who do his bidding, including Rishi Sunak who decided to go at the last minute, some say, only after he learned that Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon were also going to be there. Sunak, of course, will be representing the UK. Johnson, however, now only represents his own constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip. and Nicola Sturgeon is attending a number of fringe events as leader of the Scottish regional government.

Although Sunak lost no opportunity to parade his newly discovered green credentials, he’s also used this international platform as a pretext to attack Russia so as to publicly parade his loyalty to his master in the White House.

It was “morally right” that Britain honours its commitments on global warming, Sunak said, whilst linking the drive towards renewable energy with the economic war on Russia.

“Climate and energy security go hand-in-hand,” Sunak told the global community. “Putin’s abhorrent war in Ukraine and rising energy prices across the world are not a reason to go slow on climate change. They are a reason to act faster.

“We can bequeath our children a greener planet and a more prosperous future…there really is room for hope.”

But Putin wasn’t there to hear him. The Russian leader didn’t come. Nor did Chinese president Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi, and the leaders of Canada and Australia – although all sent high-ranking delegations to represent their countries at COP27.

In Sharm el Sheikh, China’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Xie Zhenhua said that China has been actively creating a green and low-carbon atmosphere for years, encouraging the public to participate in carbon emissions reduction, and exploring to establish a pluralistic mechanism of social participation.

Under the principles of openness and transparency, broad participation, consensus and party-driven, People’s China will work with all parties to promote the success of COP27 and contribute its wisdom and strength to building a fair, reasonable and win-win global climate governance system, Xie said.