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The Fighting Fund

Readers responded to the call last week with donations that came to a bumper total of £1,305. Many thanks to all who helped us on the way to our £3,500 target including the Cardiff friend who donated £200 in memory of Paul Ambeliotis and an Aberdare supporter who gave us £20. A veteran Southall comrade sent in £200 and a Deal reader gave us £50. A long-standing supporter from Sheffield made a £250 contribution and a Chiswick reader sent in £150. A Dunstable comrade donated £15 and a Dagenham supporter gave us £30. The November fighting fund now stands at £1,856 and we now need £1,644 to hit the target for the month.

We depend entirely on our readers to keep our print shop going and every pound helps. Workers are sick of austerity. They no longer believe the old lies of the bourgeois media. A new wind of change is blowing across Britain and the world. Let’s make it a storm that heralds the new era!

Remember, every week our communist weekly campaigns for peace and socialism.

All donations, big or small, count.