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National News

Salute the Red Army heroes

by New Worker correspondent

NCP LEADER Andy Brooks and NCP London organiser Theo Russell joined Italian comrades over the remembrance weekend to pay tribute to the Soviet people who fought and died to defeat the Nazis in the Second World War. Called by the supporters of the Communist Front of Italy in Britain, comrades laid flowers during the small ceremony at the Soviet War Memorial in the shadow of the Imperial War Museum in Southwark on Saturday.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE long-running equal-pay dispute at Glasgow City Council finally seems to be coming to an end, although we have heard that one before. The dispute was about the male-female differential between the wages of the women council workers such as home helps and male workers in outdoor jobs such as school janitors and refuse collectors

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Talking about communism in Salisbury

by New Worker correspondent

SALISBURY is best known as the location of a bungled attack on a Russian turncoat spy by alleged agents of Russian intelligence and for a famous cathedral whose spire is the tallest in Britain. But it is also the home of two historic Church of England schools and last week NCP leader Andy Brooks went down to one of them to talk to sixth-form students about the communist cause.

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International News

How the Americans stab their allies in the back

by Xin Ping

WHEN THE Native Indians greeted the white Americans’ forefathers with food and kindness, the latter reciprocated with guns and bullets. Times have changed but the tradition is passed on. The USA has time and again proven to be a wily and untrustworthy ‘friend’ to other nations.

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Communists meet in Havana

After a three-year pandemic forced hiatus, the 22nd International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties was held in Havana, Cuba, from 28 to 29 October 2022. The conference was deeply split over the war in Ukraine. Financial constraints prevented the New Communist Party of Britain from attending this conference but the Party did endorse the statement in support of the people of the Donbas published below. This is the report from the Russian Communist Workers Party.

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Broken treaties and Indigenous sovereignty

by Will Hodgkinson

THE Cherokee Nation has renewed its long-standing demands that the US Congress honour its treaty obligations by seating a non-voting delegate from the Nation in the House of Representatives.

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French workers on the march!

by Otis Grotewohl

PROTESTERS clashed with the police in numerous French cities, as 300,000 workers participated in a partial general strike on 18th October and courageously took to the streets throughout the country.

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Madrid stands up for public health!

by Radio Havana Cuba

HUNDREDS of thousands of demonstrators rallied in Madrid on Sunday to defend the region’s primary care services. The protesters warned the government that plans to overhaul the system would “destroy” local healthcare.

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Trump launches new presidential bid

Radio Havana Cuba

DONALD TRUMP has announced he will run for US president again in 2024, despite facing multiple criminal investigations and the poor performance of the candidates he backed in last week’s midterm elections.

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Book Review: Fighting for Freedom

by Ben Soton

Hampshire Heroes: Volunteer Fighters in the Spanish Civil War by Alan Lloyd. Clapton Press, London 2022. Paperback: 170pp, rrp: £11.

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Our place in an amazing universe

by John Maryon

LOOKING OUT into space it is possible to see back in time some 13 billion years and study the pattern of cosmic microwave radiation that resulted from the creation of the universe. Light travels at 186,282 miles per second, which makes it almost impossible to grasp the vast size of the universe. We can observe the remnants of cataclysmic explosions, see giant red stars near the end of their life and the birth of new stars forming within vast nursery clouds of dust and gas as they collapse under gravity. Large black holes lurk ominously at the centres of billions of galaxies each containing billions of star systems.

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