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by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

RUSSIAN ROCKETS rained down on Ukraine this week in continuing attacks on factories, power stations and the national grid, causing power cuts throughout the country. Power was cut throughout the Odessa region and the metro network in Kharkhov, Ukraine’s second-largest city, was brought to a standstill. Former president Pyotr Poroshenko, the “chocolate king” oligarch, is calling for the banning of the Russian Orthodox church and the Russians are calling for a thorough international investigation into claims that the Ukrainians have been shooting Russian prisoners-of-war.

At the United Nations in New York the Russian envoy told the Security Council that the Russian missile strikes were aimed at disrupting the delivery of weapons and supplies from the West to Ukrainian troops on the front, through which NATO is conducting “a proxy war against Russia”.

Vassili Nebenzia said Russia was not targeting civilian residences. The regrettable damage to residential areas is often caused by Ukrainian air defences deployed in populated areas, he said, pointing to the photos shared on Wednesday by Ukrainians themselves, allegedly showing fragments of US-supplied rockets found in their damaged homes in Kiev and nearby Vyshgorod.

Air-raid sirens wailed in Kiev and the western ‘capital’ of Lvov whilst Russian missiles struck key energy targets plunging around 70 per cent of the Ukrainian capital into darkness Kiev this week. In below-freezing temperatures many people are now without heating and water and many fear the sewage system will be the next to collapse.

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitshko said the authorities are doing “everything” to keep the lights on and water flowing; but Kiev’s three million residents should make arrangements to stay with friends or relatives in the suburbs who still have water and power if the supply the capital is lost. Maxim Timchenko, the head of DTEK energy corporation, even says Ukrainians should consider going abroad during the winter. “If they can find an alternative place to stay for another three or four months, it will be very helpful to the system.”

Although evacuating the capital remains the worst-case option for the Zelensky government the regime has already begun moving people out of Kherson, the provincial capital that the Ukrainians re-occupied following the Russian pull-back on the southern front. Kherson was virtually a ghost town when the Ukrainians arrived. Most people had left with the retreating Russians. Those that stayed behind were left to the tender mercies of the Ukrainian fascists who’ve been “filtering” anyone believed to be a “supporter of the Russian world”. Now as Kherson comes under heavy Russian bombardment, the city again becomes untenable and the authorities have now started evacuating Kherson’s remaining civilians to western Ukraine.

Meanwhile disturbing video evidence of Ukrainian war-crimes has led to renewed Kremlin demands for an international inquiry. Dmitri Medvedev, the deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council, said there should be “no mercy for the Ukrainian soldiers who executed the unarmed Russian prisoners of war. They should be sentenced to death even if the search for the killers takes years”.

This was echoed by Russian communists on Moscow TV this week. Yuri Afonin, the deputy leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), said: “This monstrous episode once again clearly shows with whom we are fighting. This inhumane murder is a war crime with no statute of limitations. Not only are the direct perpetrators guilty of it, but also the entire Kiev junta to the very top. Those who supply these criminals with weapons are also guilty.”