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National News

Internet age strikes

by New Worker correspondent

THE Communication Workers Union (CWU) has not just been battling for postal workers whose strike action seems set to be continued for some time to come. They have also been taking strike action in the more technologically advanced British Telecommunications companies BT plc, EE Ltd and Openreach Ltd.

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Transport victories

by New Worker correspondent

TRANSPORT union RMT is claiming victory for their members on ScotRail who have won pay rises of between 7–9 per cent backdated to April, along with an extension of the no compulsory redundancies guarantee for six years and a series of payments to enhance the wage packet on a yearly basis. There are also improved Sunday working and maternity payments.

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Just in time for Christmas…

by New Worker correspondent

READERS with cars within easy reach of Wiltshire should head in that direction to do their Christmas shopping between Saturdays 10th and 17th December. On those days Britain’s favourite workers, parking wardens, will be on strike. The exception is Swindon, so be warned.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

LAST WEEK the Supreme Court ruled that the semi-autonomous government of Scotland cannot hold a vote on independence without the consent of the national government in London. The body’s president, Lord Reed, said its five judges had unanimously ruled that the Edinburgh parliament “does not have the power to legislate for a referendum on Scottish independence”.

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International News

Jiang Zemin 1926 – 2022

Jiang Zemin, the president of People’s China from 1993 to 2003, sadly passed away on Wednesday 30th November. He was 96. Jiang Zemin died of leukemia and multiple organ failure after all medical treatments had failed.

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Sunak, ‘pragmatism’ and China

by Xu Yelu

THE LONG-TERM pragmatic foreign policy desired by the government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may reduce the negative impact of the uncertainty on the British side in previous China–UK relations. If it cannot value China’s role comprehensively and objectively, however, such a plan may exacerbate tensions between China and Britain, experts warned, ahead of Sunak’s upcoming speech on British foreign policy on Monday.

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Boris claims key role in Ukraine conflict

by James Tweedie

BORIS JOHNSON led the charge on arming Ukraine – both before and during Moscow’s military operation – and imposing sanctions and embargoes on Russian exports that prompted a Europe-wide inflationary crisis

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The Chinese passion for football runs high

by Tang Yuankai

TWENTY years ago, the Chinese football team competed in World Cup competitions. In recent years however, Chinese fans have had to enjoy the World Cup without a national stake in it.

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Israelis shunned at Qatar World Cup said

Radio Havana Cuba he

ISRAELIS attending the World Cup in Qatar say they are meeting an atmosphere of hostility and hatred, with fans refusing to speak to Israeli journalists, waving Palestinian flags in the background of their videos and yelling at them.

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Africans are victims of capitalism, imperialism and colonisation

Radio Havana Cuba

AFRICAN people have been the victims of Anglo-Zionist capitalism, imperialism and colonisation that have created a false demand for blood diamonds, says political analyst Ramiro Funez, an activist and political commentator based in Los Angeles. He made the comments in an interview with Press TV.

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No Cold War - the main enemy of humanity are the warmongers in Washington

by Liu Zixuan

A lack of democracy in the USA is dangerous as it increases the possibility that the USA will pursue unpopular, brutal wars abroad says the No Cold War campaign organiser Fiona Edwards. In an interview with Global Times reporter Liu Zixuan, she noted that instead of focusing on tackling the crises they have caused at home, US mainstream politicians are attempting to impose their will on the majority of humanity in order to maintain the USA’s global dominance.

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Massacre at Tantura: The lies upon which Israel was founded

by Michael Berkowitz

Every year Palestinians mark the Nakba – “the catastrophe” in English – when in 1948 around 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes during the creation of the state of Israel. Five-hundred villages were destroyed in a pre-mediated campaign and their inhabitants never allowed to return. Zionist militias committed massacres in Deir Yassin, Lydda, Tantura and dozens of other Palestinian communities. A new documentary by Israeli director Alon Schwartz now challenges Israel’s narrative about 1948 and the forced displacement of Palestinians. It was screened at the Palestinian film festival in Leeds last weekend.

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