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The Fighting Fund

The December fighting fund kicked off with £582 thanks to bankers’ orders from supporters up and down the country. We now need to raise the rest to hit our £3,500 target for the month. And though next week’s edition will be the last for the Old Year we still have to maintain our press and print shop and keep our suppliers sweet over the festive season.

We stand with the legions of workers now fighting for higher pay all over the country. We stand with the millions of people fighting for freedom all over the world. We stand with the millions upon millions building socialism in the people’s democracies of Asia and the Carbibbean. And we stand for peace and socialism and for a better tomorrow for all working people.

There is an answer to the crisis and you can make sure it gets out on the street by guaranteeing the survival of the New Worker.

All donations, big or small, count.