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National News

Crisis casts shadow over Black Friday


Friday 25th November was ‘Black Friday’ – the day after Thanksgiving in the USA that traditionally kicks off the Christmas shopping season in America. Now the fourth Friday in November has become a regular fixture in Britain’s retail calendar as a day for pre-Christmas deals and bargains. But this year’s cost-of-living crisis has hit sales in Britain and the European Union.

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A sombre strike

by New Worker correspondent

LAST WEEK the coffin-makers at the Co-op Funeralcare factory in Glasgow walked out for the third time in a long-running pay dispute. The 50 workers have rejected a below-inflation offer of four per cent pay rise for this year and five per cent for next year.

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On the Rails

by New Worker correspondent

ONGOING industrial disputes on the railways are ratcheting up across the networks. Monday saw rail union RMT recommend rejection of a pay offer from Network Rail which, if as seems likely will be rejected, will result in strikes throughout the festive season and threaten the takings of retailers whose sales rocket over the Christmas.

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A seasonal tale

by New Worker correspondent

IT IS GOOD to report that one group of seasonal workers are in a position to demand better wages and conditions, by dint of the fact that there is a labour shortage in their speciality. The jobs in question are for Santa Clauses. Obviously not the real one who lives, as we all know, near the North Pole, but those who every year don false beards and red robes to work in department stores and shopping malls to encourage the younger generation into the ways of the consumer society by demanding more goodies than their parents can afford.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

AS ANOTHER year passes let’s turn from the latest headlines to take a broader look at the events of the last 12 months. Looming large on the Scottish political scene throughout 2022 were the questions of ferries, run (or not) by the state-owned Caledonian MacBrayne.

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International News

George Johannes: freedom fighter and communist

by Theo Russell

COMRADE George Johannes, a member of the South African Communist Party (SACP), the African National Congress (ANC) and for several years the New Communist Party (NCP), passed away in Rome last week. He was 78. He will be greatly missed by many comrades who knew him in the NCP.

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Deliveroo goes Down-Under

by B Curphey

BRITISH FOOD delivery platform Deliveroo announced on the 16th November that it was going into voluntary administration in Australia, claiming that “achieving a sustainable position of leadership in the market is not possible without a disproportionate level of investment which would have highly uncertain returns”.

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Italians take to the streets against NATO’s war

by Ed Newman

THOUSANDS of Italians held protests against the high cost of living and energy prices in Rome last weekend. Calling for the suspension of shipment of weapons and money to Ukraine, the demonstrators took to the streets of the Italian capital on Saturday in a protest organised by the USB union (Unione Sindacale di Base) with the support of political parties and different social organisations.

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Strike paralyses French railways

Radio Havana Cuba

PASSENGERS were stranded when French railway workers walked out last weekend.

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West behind riots in Iran

by Yadira Cruz Valera

IRANIAN Foreign Minister Hosein Amir Abdolahian has denounced a plot by hostile countries to encourage riots and cause a civil war which, he said, revealed the true intentions of the West towards the Islamic Republic.

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New attack on Belgrade communist centre

by New Worker correspondent

BACK IN October, the headquarters of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NCPY) in the Serbian capital of Belgrade was vandalised by fascist gangs who smashed the communist centre’s windows and daubed neo-Nazi and anti-communist slogans on its walls.

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Levellers and Grandees - the Putney Debates

Workers Weekly

SOME 375 years ago, in October and November 1647, a series of unprecedented debates were held at St Mary’s Church in Putney in the midst of the English Civil War. The matter at hand was how the country would be constituted anew after the defeat of the King, central to which were the questions of rights, and of the nature of supreme decision-making power and where it lies.

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Dorise Nielsen: Ground-breaking Communist MP in Canada – People’s Hero in China

by Mike Wu People’s Voice, Canada

NORMAN BETHUNE is a well-known figure in the history of Canada–China relations. But there is another legendary figure: Dorise Nielsen. The first Member of Parliament from the Communist Party of Canada, she went to China in her later years to support the Chinese people’s socialist construction, until her death in Beijing in 1980

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In search of a better life

by Lương Thu Hương

THE LIFE STORIES of Vietnamese migrants who are seeking better lives in the UK are vividly told in a new book published by the Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House last month.Hành Trình Tử Thần: Ghi Chép Từ Nước Anh (Death Journey: Notes from England) is the first book by journalist Đào Duy Bình.

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The fight-back begins

by B Arjun

BRITAIN’S working class are hitting back against the mismanagement of the economy. Moving into this winter, the UK has been hit by a wave of strikes, involving action by more than a million workers in the public sector led by the major trade unions.

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