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The Fighting Fund

The post has been erratic due to the postal strikes but what has been delivered included two cheques totalling £70 from a regular Essex supporter, a score from a Cornish friend and a letter from comrades from the Richmond & Kingston NCP that contained £1,000 in memory of Harry Danvers and Peter Geddes on their special anniversaries.

Hopefully there’s more still at the depots and more to come to help us reach our £3,500 target. We’ve raised £1,672 for the December appeal. We now need £1,828 by the end of the month.

Though this is the last edition of the New Worker for the year campaigning continues throughout the festive season. Industrial action by nurses, posties and railway workers will continue throughout the month and we stand with them in the fight for higher pay – much needed to cope with the energy hikes, rising prices and soaring inflation.

There is an answer to the crisis and you can make sure it gets out on the street by guaranteeing the survival of the New Worker. All donations, big or small, count over the Christmas break.