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Wagner boss dies in plane crash over Russia

by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

The disgraced head of the Wagner mercenary company dies in a plane crash north of Moscow. Russian troops hold the line in the south and push back in the north of the Donbas. The war in the air continues with wave after wave of Russian missile attacks on military targets throughout Ukraine whilst the Ukrainians respond with drone raids in Crimea and Moscow. And Vladimir Zelensky calls on Balkan leaders to help Ukraine open up a Danubian river “grain corridor” to by-pass Russia’s Black Sea blockade.

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Legendary Tales of the Korean War

by New Worker correspondent

A Friends of Korea committee seminar was held at the NCP Centre in London last month to commemorate the victory of the Korean people over US imperialism and its lackeys. Chaired by Andy Brooks, the symposium heard papers from Michael Chant and Dermot Hudson, and a video link contribution from Kim Song Gi from the DPR Korea embassy in London. This is the contribution from Jong Gi Kim.

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Another world is possible…

World leaders gathered in Johannesburg this week for the annual summit of the BRICS bloc. Named after Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – the key players that set it up some 14 years ago – the bloc has become a pivot for the Global South in the struggle to end the economic and political stranglehold of Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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