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Regime change in Ukraine – will Zelensky go?

by our Eastern European Affairs correspondent

Fierce fighting continues all along the front as Ukrainian troops continue their futile efforts to smash through the Russian lines that run from the Donbas to the Black Sea. Russian missiles continue to pound Kiev and other military targets throughout Ukraine whilst the Ukrainians continue their own, largely ineffectual, drone attacks on Russian territory, including Moscow.

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The Voice of Fire Fighters

by New Worker correspondent

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has been much in the news recently for its actions over the floating barge, the Bibby Stockholm. Built in 1976, it was used to accommodate homeless people and asylum seekers in Hamburg and Rotterdam in the 1990s and early 2000s. More recently it has been used to house construction workers on large-scale coastal projects and is presently based at Portland Port in Dorset to house asylum seekers as a cost-saving measure. This has been widely opposed by the local authority and many charities who say the accommodation is unsuitable for families with children. The first few inmates were evacuated after the discovery of Legionella bacteria.

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Walk on by…

None of us are going to miss Nadine Dorries, who formally resigned as an MP this week – almost 12 weeks after she said she was stepping down with “immediate effect”.

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