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National News

ULEZ row simmers on in London

by Svetlana Ekimenko, Sputnik

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expanded on 29th August, heating up the controversy around the decision that critics slam as fraught with financial burdens on people amidst a cost-of-living crisis. The zone will almost double in size to include all Greater London’s 32 boroughs. The vast area the scheme managed by Transport for London (TfL) will encompass millions of people living within it .

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On the Job…

by New Worker correspondent

In another branch of the emergency services, much less admired by New Worker readers, the police and their civilian workers presently have pay disputes.

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And on the Blink...

by New Worker correspondent

The other main 999 service, the ambulance service, which includes drivers, paramedics and call-centre handlers, saw workers get the general NHS rise of five per cent plus as a one-off lump sum earlier this year.

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

There’s a new air of optimism in the Anas Sarwar’s camp these days following the publication of opinion polls that put Scottish Labour almost neck and neck with the SNP. A Survation poll puts the nationalists still in the lead with 37 per cent. But Labour’s close behind at 35 whilst the Tories trail on 17 per cent. Some say the SNP could lose 24 Westminster seats at the next general election. Although the election is still over a year away, the SNP must now deeply regret all talk about making it a ‘referendum’ on independence.

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International News

Donald J Trump: Inmate Number P01135809

by Jonathan J Cooper, People’s World (USA)

A camera clicks. In a fraction of a second, the shutter opens and then closes, freezing forever the image in front of it. When the camera shutter blinked inside an Atlanta jail last week, it both created and documented a tiny inflection point in American life.

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Racism, a systemic problem in the USA

by María Josefina Arce, Radio Havana Cuba

One of the largest and most important mobilisations for social justice and equality in the USA took place in Washington on 28th August 1963. Six decades later racism continues to eat away at American society.

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The road of prosperity: the China–Laos Railway


Speeding through mountains and valleys, trains are carrying a rising volume of freight and passengers on the China–Laos Railway, a travel option which is cost and time effective.

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US Atom Chief Hid Radioactivity Dangers From Public

by Fantine Gardinier, Sputnik

A research group specialising in once-secret files has published a new dossier revealing that the director of the USA’s top secret effort to build an atomic bomb lied to politicians and the public about the dangers posed by radioactive materials.

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Niger: Far From a Typical Coup

by Vijay Prashad, People’s Democracy (India)

“On 26th July 2023, Niger’s presidential guard moved against the sitting president –Mohamed Bazoum – and conducted a coup d’état. A brief contest amongst the various armed forces in the country ended with all the branches agreeing to the removal of Bazoum and the creation of a military junta led by presidential guard commander general Abdourahamane ‘Omar’ Tchiani.

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Reaching for the heights in Cuba

by Ángel Freddy Pérez Cabrera , Granma

Aliuska Lores Ramírez was the first woman power-line worker in Cuba. Today there are still only three in the country. The pioneering Cuban woman from Santa Clara in the power-line work, Aliuska Lores Ramírez can be seen in her overalls, wearing a helmet, boots and all the security accessories required for that job.

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British Museum must return Chinese relics!

by Global Times

We, as part of the Chinese media, formally request the British Museum to return all Chinese cultural relics acquired through improper channels to China free of charge, and to refrain from adopting a resistant, protracted and perfunctory attitude. First of all, a public commitment should be made to the world for the return of the relics and this long overdue work should begin as soon as possible. We also support the claims for the restitution of cultural relics made by other countries that have been looted by Britain, such as India, Nigeria and South Africa.

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