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The Fighting Fund

This week’s postbag brought in £502 for the August fighting fund, which closed at £3,369. We missed our target by just £181. Let’s see if we can make it up in September.

The false prophets of the Labour movement spread confusion every time they speak. Starmer’s Labour churns out the same old Blairite nonsense while the posers who call themselves socialists continue with their feeble attempts to challenge Labour in the bourgeois elections. But every pound for the New Worker helps us in our work to make the case for the communist alternative to the crisis in factories, offices and above all on the streets, throughout the land.

We can make a difference. Keep our presses going. Help us keep up the fight by contributing to the survival of Britain’s only communist weekly. All donations, big or small, help keep our presses rolling. Please send yours to: New Worker Fund, PO Box 73, London SW11 2PQ. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to the ‘New Worker’. To save a stamp you can also use your credit or debit card to send contributions here: