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Israelis spurn peace to pound Rafah!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

Israeli warplanes are pounding the city of Rafah as their tanks move into the southern Gaza Strip following the rejection of an American-inspired ceasefire plan that Hamas accepted on Monday. Health workers in northern Gaza have found more evidence of Israeli atrocities with the discovery of yet another mass grave at Shifa Hospital. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres calls on the Israelis to stop further escalation and engage in the ongoing ceasefire talks and the Americans feebly respond to the mass student protests in support of the Palestinians with a pause in the delivery of some offensive weapons to the Zionist entity.

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Airport News

by New Worker correspondent

At Heathrow Airport a strike by staff in opposition to outsourcing plans was called off at the last minute by Unite. Action planned for last Tuesday and Wednesday has been cancelled, but the union warn that they will activate the ballot mandate which is valid until Monday if the planned talks do not bring results.

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Stop arming Israel!

The student occupations and tent cities that began in America have now spread like wild-fire throughout the centres of learning in the West while all over the world people are taking to the streets to demand justice for the Palestinian Arabs and an end to the carnage in Gaza. The American bourgeois media call them “commie campus” protests. The students are branded as “antiSemitic” while in Britain the Sunak government is trying to brow-beat the college authorities into shutting down the Palestinian solidarity protests.

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