Image of Hammer and Sickle

New Communist Party of Britain


Capitalism has many new methods of holding the working class down. its methods range across many different techniques and these include racialism.

We can never ignore fascism, with its inherent racialism, and the influence of the National Front.

Our aim must be to get all fascist organisations banned, not only from marching but from existing and publishing Not only are they the enemies of racial minorities but of all working people, the trade unions and other democratic and religious organisation.

In fighting for the banning of fascist marches by the state, We must at the same time fight to ensure the state is not allowed to use bans on the National Front as a pretext for banning demonstrations of other organisations. We must also be vigilant to the use of fascist organisations as strike breakers.

Only the broadest movement can prevent the fascists from fouling our towns and marching through immigrant areas. The role of the NCP as a Marxist- Leninist Party is crucial in mobilising the mass organisations and giving leadership in uniting all anti~fascists around the slogan “They shall. not pass”.

30th October 1977