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New Communist Party of Britain


The last fifteen years have seen the emergence in Scotland and Wales of nationalist movement of considerable political weight.

We recognise the right of nations to self-determination. We do not advocate secession for any of the nations within the British multinational state, because we do not believe that this would advance the interests of the working class; but we recognise and defend the right of these peoples to decide the question of self- determination.

We oppose discrimination against the languages and culture of national minorities and recognise that such discrimination has been and is being practised by the British Government. We therefore support the demand for equality of rights where languages other than English are spoken by a significant proportion of the population.

We resolve to formulate a language policy which takes into account the specific features of each situation, as well as greater emphasis on the history, literature and culture of the nations of Scotland and Wales.

We realise that the nationalist movements show within themselves the whole spectrum of political opinion from far-right to ultra-left, though the “centre of gravity” is different in each case, and varies with the class composition of the particular movement.

We therefore recognise that there are various issues on which we can co-operate with progressive tendencies in the nationalist movements.

30th October 1977