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New Communist Party of Britain


Peace and the stopping of the arms race is the most important issue for Communists today.

As we have noted above, US reaction is initiating a new round in the arms race by its development of the Cruise missile and the Neutron bomb. British imperialism, not to be out-done, is actively considering manufacture of a British Cruise missile, to replace the four Polaris submarines which it alleges are becoming obsolete. Nuclear weapons proliferation is on the horizon.

The issue of nuclear disarmament is one which can unite nearly all sections of British opinion. We must be in the forefront of the fight to build a massive, broad-based peace movement which will act against the arms monopolies who make profits out of the manufacture of death. So that this movement is effective, we must strive to make it a part of the international peace movement.

In particular, we must campaign in the appropriate trade unions and factories for the development of plans to convert the arms industry to socially necessary production.

We must also promote the peace initiatives of the Soviet Union so as to nail the lie of a “Soviet military threat” and, at the same time, make clear the unity of the fight for peace and the fight for socialism.

30th October 1977