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New Communist Party of Britain


The EEC is increasingly dominating the lives of the British people. The struggle against it will increasingly take on some characteristics of a liberation struggle.

The EEC is a political and economic alliance aimed at halting the advance of socialism in the world. its military counterpart is NATO. its secondary function is to provide economic conditions favourable to the multi- nationals. For the great majority of the British people this has been a disaster.

Our laws and the economic decisions of our government are increasingly dictated from Brussels. The Common Agricultural Policy, together with the imposition of external tariffs, has ensured that high prices are paid for food.

The Rome Treaty, with its tenets of free movement of capital, labour and goods, restricts Britain's ability to control, plan and expand its own economy.

This is the capitalist system at its most exposed - the interests of profit are diametrically opposite to those of the people.

The battle for socialism must involve a fight to withdraw from the Common Market. The more immediate issue, however, is to ensure the failure of direct elections to the so-called “European Assembly”.

30th October 1977