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New Communist Party of Britain

This is just one section of the Main Political Resolution adopted at the 2009 16th Congress of the New Communist Party of Britain.
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Anglo−American imperialism stands totally isolated in the world even amongst the international institutions it once relied on to do its bidding and give it some international authority for its actions.

The United Nations has been marginalised. US imperialism only pays lip service to UN institutions when it suits its purposes. When the Americans can use it to rubber−stamp their plans, the world organisation is supported. When it is no longer of any further use to them, like now, it is ignored and discarded.

In the past British and American imperialism upheld the principle of the veto on the UN Security Council — a right the United States has exercised 82 times, mainly to protect Israel. But it was ignored when it appeared that France, Russia or People’s China were prepared to use it to block the Iraq invasion. Though the new Obama administration pays lip−service to international co−operation, it still ignores the world forum when it conflicts with the interests of American imperialism. The blockade of Cuba and Democratic Korea continues and efforts to achieve a just and comprehensive settlement of the Palestinian problem are blocked.

We call for democratic reform of the UN Security Council to ensure that it is representative of the vast majority of member states of the world forum.