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New Communist Party of Britain


The New Worker is our weekly communist voice. It is widely read in Britain and the world. Articles and features are translated and reprinted by progressive and communist journals in Britain and across the globe and reports and features are permanently preserved on the Internet by our national, London and central websites..

We must fight to win more readers and supporters of the paper to guarantee its future. We must campaign to develop and expand New Worker Supporters’ Groups. Building the sales of the New Worker and raising money for the fighting fund to maintain and expand our communist press is one of the crucial tasks of all members of the NCP today. Our paper represents the voice of struggle in all its forms. It gives a clear communist line on the issues of the day, a Marxist-Leninist analysis of the problems facing the working class and it provides a window to the world communist movement and the national liberation movement; the bigger the readership, the greater our influence. This is our paramount task.