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New Communist Party of Britain


The ideological struggle for the acceptance of LGBTQ people in our community goes on and to a degree prospers. Even sections of the Tory Party no longer seem to think that the open acceptance of Gay people will lead to the end of the universe, that is the end of capitalism, hence the proposals to allow Gay Marriage in England and the promise to legislate on the subject by the Scottish Government. Regrettably in the short term they are right but question does open contradictions and differences in the ruling class which is grist for the mill of class struggle.

While support for the institution of marriage as we have it in our society may not in the very long term be progressive the support for equality which the fight for Gay Marriage entails surely, in the short to medium term, outweighs this.

The fight against homophobia must continue and intensify. There are plenty of reactionary forces still ready to try to divide the working class on this issue.