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New Communist Party of Britain


As the political and economic crisis deepens around the world the struggle for markets and spheres of influence becomes acute, so much so that the aggressor countries, in their need to win the battle for markets and minerals turn to war and crude methods replace diplomacy and negotiations. The United States is the major imperialist power and is keeping to its aims of provoking war and building up its military machine.

The American people and the world peace movement are largely ignored - as was former President Eisenhower when he warned of the danger of the military industrial complex. It is precisely that section of the ruling class that has gained the upper hand and is responsible for the foreign policy of the US.

The US is also demonstrating its power to restrict the right of their people to know what is going on. War correspondents are no longer allowed to go into the field of battle and have to rely on reports from US military, experts who have the intention of sanitising war and its horrors inflicted on subject peoples by US troops and their puppets.

The US has military bases in some 97 countries. These all contain weapons of mass destruction, which are pointed at Russia and now China.

The US instigated the wars in the Middle East that have ravaged their historic and cultural institutes. And although there is a ban on the use of phosphorus the US rained down such bombs on Baghdad/Fallujah. The US is the master behind the puppet terrorist organisations, which have been provided with modern technological equipment. They also have personnel in the field, both training and participating in the wars of oppression.

Britain too has a record of servility towards US imperialism. Blatant lies by Blair and his cohorts got us embroiled in the diabolical war strategy of the US.

Cameron has been acting as an agent of the British military establishment as he tries to promote powerful military equipment to all and sundry.

The labour and peace movement needs to reassert itself, pending possible attacks by the US on Iran and Syria, and stop the escalation to war that threatens to envelop Iran and Turkey. There has been a failure of CND and Stop the War to mobilise support for demonstrations in the localities as well as nationally.

The Achilles Heel of the US and British imperialism lies in the working class of those countries, who are suffering unemployment and economic stagnation. They demand major cuts in military expenditure and the withdrawal of troops from the Middle East, which has been subjected to outrageous wars. The resources should be switched from the wars in the Middle East to use for peaceful and civil purposes and creating jobs, which will be more fruitful for the British people.