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New Communist Party of Britain


The NCP was founded in 1977 on the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the rejection of revisionist and social democratic trends within the defunct Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). The NCP continues to combat revisionist and social democratic thinking as part of its campaign to build the NCP and uphold the revolutionary path.

Nevertheless the NCP has long recognised that there is the possibility of working together on certain issues, such as peace, anti-racism or the wages struggle with these parties and others that have sprung from the British communist movement.

Twenty years ago the NCP established friendly relations with the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist). Over the years co-operation has led to joint party activities as well as joint work for peace and proletarian internationalism in the broad movement. This work can only strengthen the British communist movement in the effort to build communist unity in theory and practice.

The NCP supported a CPB initiative for a round-table conference of communist parties in Britain that took place in 1995. The NCP has since called for further meetings on the same basis along terms of reference endorsed at our 12th Congress.

Our proposals - for a communist liaison committee that would allow for the regular exchange of information and views between the various British communist parties at a leadership level - were rejected by the CPB in 1998. They remain on the table.

The NCP supports the Morning Star, which is an asset of the working class built up over generations. It is a newspaper of the broad left and the trade union movement while the New Worker is the Marxist-Leninist paper of the NCP.

The Marx Memorial Library is another important asset of the working class and the British communist movement. The New Worker is an affiliate and comrades actively participate in the Library’s work. We call on all comrades to campaign for union affiliation to the Library as well as joining on an individual basis.