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New Communist Party of Britain

adopted December 2015

Party of the European Left

The Party of the European Left is a bloc of revisionists, left social‑democrats and Trotskyists who specifically reject Marxism‑Leninism, which it calls “Stalinism”, while claiming to be the heirs of the European communist movement. It is led by the revisionist French and Spanish communist parties, the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza) and remnants of the Italian revisionist movement.

They are the heirs to the revisionist ideas that destroyed the mass parties of Italy and France and provided the ideological cover for the traitors who brought down the Soviet Union and the European socialist camp. They elevate parliamentarianism and bourgeois democracy.

Capitalism is in deep crisis. It cannot solve the problems of the millions of working people whose labour it exploits but it always seeks to divert the masses to perpetuate its rule. Throughout Europe we are witnessing the “creeping fascism” of the bourgeoisie, who couple their attacks on working class rights and living standards with tactics that seek to scapegoat asylum‑seekers, religious and ethnic minorities and immigrants to divide and weaken the working class. Civil liberties and rights that had been taken for granted for decades are being stripped away, as the forces of repression are granted more and more powers of arrest and detention. At the same time they encourage the bogus theories of personal freedom, bourgeois democracy and the illusions of social democracy as an alternative to scientific socialism. In the 1970s it was called Euro‑communism. In the 1990s it was the “Third Way”. Now it is the “Party of the European Left”.