This is what we stand for:

We stand for Peace: An end to our armies invading other countries like Afghanistan and Iraq; an end to wasting £billions on nuclear weapons like Trident.

We stand for socialism: The western world is governed by the rich and powerful – the giant banks and businesses and landowners. We say it should be governed by the workers – the masses who spend their lives creating wealth for others but receive so little of it in return.

We stand for revolution: The rich and powerful are not going to hand over their power and wealth easily. Elections are not enough to dislodge them; we need to change the whole system from top to bottom. Our class must defeat theirs and bring about a true working class democracy. Capitalism is a crazy system that worships money and oppresses millions of workers. It is unstable and threatens the future of humanity. It must be brought down.

We stand for working class unity: The ruling class has many weapons but we have the power of vast numbers on our side. And when we stop doing their bidding, when we go on strike, suddenly they have very little. We must unite. We must educate, agitate and above all organise and work within the labour movement structure to build unity and confidence for the fight ahead. We must not be divided by racism, sexism or any other prejudice and we must stand by those who all workers face prejudice and discrimination. An injury to one is an injury to all!

We fight for higher wages: Wages should be big enough to support each worker and their dependants in a decent standard of living without having to go into the misery of debt or exhausting overtime.

We fight for freedom from debt: Personal debt – mortgages, credit cards, banks loans and so on –are a source of misery, stress and mental illness, forcing people to work long, long hours, to neglect themselves and their families just to feed bank profits.

We fight for a shorter working week: Modern technology and machinery allows enormous amounts of work to be done quickly. Workers should benefit from this by not having to work so long. Workers who are relaxed and refreshed perform better. We are all entitled to rest, leisure anda little fun.

We fight for decent pensions: People who have worked hard all their lives are entitled to a comfortable, stress-free retirement. They should not be pressured by money worries into working long into their old age.

We fight for decent housing: When we have worked hard for our wages we do not want to behanding half of them over week after week to a landlord who has done nothing to deserve them. We fight against private landlordism and demand decent, secure council housing for all who need it. Homelessness and fear of homelessness are evils that have no place in a civilised society.

We fight for decent education: Our society should treasure all its children and young people. They need to be taught that they are valued; to value and respect themselves and others. Schools should have enough well trained teachers to stretch children’s abilities so they learn to overcome problems and enjoy being in the world. Children need more time and attention from adults: their parents,grandparents, schoolteachers, youth workers and so on.

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