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Homes for people not for profit!

Massacre in the Mediterranean

Fair pay for fast food workers

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Homes for people not for profit!

Read this week's lead articles here Homes for people not for profit! and
Fair pay for fast food workers

and the editorial can be found here
Massacre in the Mediterranean

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Workers of the World Unite!

The New Communist Party of Britain is a Marxist-Leninist party which is fighting for a world without exploitation. A world in which the will of the masses, the workers, the toilers, the people who work in the factories and farms, is carried out. A world in which those who produce the entire wealth of the globe get the fruits of their labour.

This is the world we work for. A socialist society where there are no slums, poverty or racism. A society where there are no classes, no exploiters, no bigotry and no war. A new and better world -- the world Marx and Engels predicted and a world that will surely come to pass. It is already being built in the socialist countries of today. It is being fought for in every continent and every country.

Workers of the World Unite!

We are part of that struggle!

This is the century of socialism!

Join us!