International Brigades Monument, Custom House Quay, Glasgow, Scotland

International Brigades Monument
Custom House Quay
Glasgow, Scotland

This statue is dedicated to Dolores Ibarruri the Spanish Basque communist leader known for her brilliant oratory during the Civil War. Born in 1895 joined the Spanish Socialist Party in 1917 and later was a founder of the Communist Party of Spain. She wrote for several communist newspapers uner the pen-name of "La Pasionaria" (Passion Flower) and was elected to the Spanish parliament in 1936. She lived in exile in Moscow until the death of the fascist dictator General Franco, coming home in 1977 and re-elected to parliament that year at the age of 81. She died in 1989.

Designed by Arthur Dooley and erected in 1977 the inscription reads: "The City of Glasgow and the British Labour Movement pay tribute to the courage of those men and women who went to Spain to fight Fascism 1936-1939.
2,100 Volunteers went from Britain, 534 were killed, 65 of whom came from Glasgow.