Gold hammer and sickle

New Communist Party of Britain

Joint Statement of Communist, Workers and Left Parties - Stop the aggressive war on Iraq!

We find ourselves in a critical period, when the USA and Britain are escalating preparations to unleash a new imperial war, which NATO also decided to support during its Prague summit. The extensive military capacity of US bases in Europe is being activated for the purpose of conducting this war. The preparations being made for this war of aggression have led to violations of the constitutions, laws and international treaties of specific countries.

In recent days, the US administration has asked its allies, through NATO, for additional facilities on their territory and their military participation in the "occupation of Iraq"

There can be no doubt that preparations for the war were decided upon in advance, regardless of UN resolution 1441 and the work of the UN inspectors and regardless of the accommodating measures taken by Iraq in the face of UN demands. It has become increasingly obvious that the planned war will pursue the military aim of gaining control of a strategic area, oil and markets. It is at the same time an attempt by the US government to overcome its economic crisis and solve its problems at the expense of others.

The war will result in huge losses among the Iraqi people, who have already suffered severe hardships as a result of years of embargo, air strikes and the policies of Saddam Hussein's regime.

The war on Iraq, which has cooperated with the UN inspectors, will further the military aims of the US in the Near East and contrasts sharply with its support for the government of Israel and its toleration of the repressive occupation of the Palestinians' land.

Aggression against Iraq, which is based on the new US doctrine of "pre-emptive" strikes, threatens to destabilise the whole region and bring grave consequences for human civilisation as a whole. It poses a huge threat to international peace and the system of international law and creates a precedent for other arbitrary acts of aggression. No argument or sleight of hand can legitimise any imposed support by the UN for this war.

We condemn the attitude of the governments and political leadership of those EU countries, which have failed to take the necessary steps or made any effective effort to halt this unjustified war of aggression and therefore in practice are supporting the US pro-war policy.

International tension is being further escalated, international relations are being militarised, military budgets are being increased and new national, EU and NATO "rapid deployment forces" are being created.

On the other hand, the threat of war has led to justified protests throughout the world. There is an unprecedentedly broad mobilisation of world opinion against the war, against the US bases and NATO and against the militaristic policies of governments.

Many states, including movements of the politically uncommitted, intellectuals, artists, politicians and diplomats, are calling for a diplomatic, peaceful settlement of the issue.

Our parties, which have already taken various initiatives, are playing an active part in this broad anti-war movement and are calling for an even more massive mobilization of the people. We must intensify the anti-war campaign among the population, at workplaces, in the trade unions and the media, in parliaments and wherever there is an opportunity to do so.

We must stop the aggressive war on Iraq. We must warn against attempts by the big powers to blackmail the UN. We must oppose any form of European support for the war or participation in it. We demand that our countries do not provide the US with military or other facilities to carry out its aggressive aims.