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New Communist Party of Britain

Communist Call to All Workers and Peace-Loving People

Step Up the Struggle to Stop the War!

Oppose the Anglo-US "New World Order"!

--- Joint Statement of NCP and RCPB(ML) ---

Our Parties join together and join with all workers, youth, women and all democratic people to condemn the aggression against Afghanistan and its people by Anglo-US imperialism. On the occasion of the second major national march and rally called to Stop the War! NCP and RCPB(ML) hail the anti-war movement which is gathering in strength and in scope. We call on all workers and peace-loving people to step up the struggle to bring an end to the war so that the anti-war movement actually achieves its aims.

There is no justice in the bombing and aggression against Afghanistan. It is being undertaken contrary to established norms of international legality, of warfare and against fundamental tenets of humanity. Our Parties utterly condemn these acts of war.

The problems facing the Afghan people can only be solved by the Afghan people themselves. They have the right to choose their own government and way of life without outside interference. Imperialist intervention can only lead and is leading to more bloodshed and civil strife in a country already devastated by nearly 30 years of civil war.

Workers must reject the justifications that the Blair Government is giving for the Anglo-US aggression. Working people cannot accept that the war is being carried out to eliminate terrorism, nor that there is no alternative to warfare and barbarism. Workers must aim their struggles against the "New World Order" of US imperialism, the imposition of which is the driving force behind the tragic events in Afghanistan. US imperialism has been seeking ever since the Gulf War to impose its dictate on the entire world. Anglo-US imperialism views Central Asia as a crucial region to control in its quest for global domination. In doing so it is threatening to plunge Asia and the entire world into war.

Workers must reject the propaganda that is being given that the aggression is somehow necessary to protect "our way of life". The working class and people live in a society that does not guarantee their rights as human beings to a livelihood, health care and education, nor their rights as workers, women, youth or national minorities. The neo-liberal agenda of imperialism and the British model of democracy does not provide a guarantee of such rights at home or abroad. It has become even clearer since September 11 that the British state does not respect the rule of law and gives itself the right to act with impunity, with acts of state terror.

Our Parties call on the working class and people to build the workers’ opposition to capitalist reaction and the Anglo-American "new world order" and take a stand in favour of the rights of nations and peoples and for social and national liberation. A new socialist society is possible in which the people themselves are at the centre of all decision making!

The movement against the war and for a just and peaceful solution is growing. People from all walks of life, including a number of Labour and Plaid Cymru MPs and members of the Welsh Assembly, are making their voices heard against the bombing. We call on the working class to take centre stage in putting an end to state terror, aggression and war.

New Communist Party of Britain, Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

November 18, 2001